A touch of tranquility
Ouse Lake, Algonquin Park, Chip Hamblin, Ann Hamblin


Welcome to "Ouse", the virtual presence of Chip and Ann Hamblin on the world wide web. On the pages of this website we have presented information about a number of our interests:
  • Jake - Ann Hamblin's Doberman Pinscher  
  • Eilidh - Chip Hamblin's Irish Red and White Setter
  • Woodworking - A few of Chip Hamblin's woodworking projects are displayed and include a discussion of woodworking methods
  • Woodturning - A few woodturning projects are displayed along with an occasional comment about woodturning tools and methods


  • Ouse Lake in Algonquin Park a small relatively insignificant lake, but one of personal importance to Chip


  • Algonquin Park - The first provincial park established in Ontario


  • The Muskoka region of Ontario, Canada often referred to as "cottage country" and the Hamblin cottages on the Lake of Bays

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                                                            -- Ann Hamblin
                                                            -- Chip Hamblin
Ann Hamblin at Tea Lake Dam
Ann Hamblin
Chip Hamblin At Tea Lake Dam
Chip Hamblin